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Protect yourself from fraud

How to protect yourself from online scams

Carmel Financial takes the security of your account information seriously.  However, you need to be actively involved in the effort to protect your information from falling into the hands of online scammers. 

Never reply to messages from us or any other organization requesting personal or account information. Carmel Financial will NEVER ask you for this information in an email message.Should you ever receive a message requesting such information that appears to have originated from us, please call our customer service department immediately.  It is very simple for spammers to forge the From address in an email.

Never click on a link in a message that appears to have come from Carmel Financial to access or provide information regarding you or your account.  Con artists can easily design web pages that look identical to our web site or those of other organizations. 

Always look carefully at web addresses when you click on links. Scammers will go as far as using domain names that closely resemble the site they are spoofing.Here are a few examples:  (the actual domain here is  (notice Carmel Financial is misspelled)

Carmel Financial uses SSL certificates to secure our online payment and CFCSUPERSTORE pages. These certificates are issued by Comodo, a trusted and authorized certificate granting organization. They not only ensure you are connecting to the trusted site for which a unique certificate was issued, they also are used to encrypt the communications between your web browser and our web servers. If you receive an indication that there is a problem with a certificate, do not use the site.

The following is an example of a certificate error when using Internet Explorer 7.0.Earlier versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox will give similar warnings.

Certificate Error


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